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BY SOPHIE TARR Brendan Cowell directs this stunning debut from British playwright Nina Raine. It's Bella's 29th birthday, and she's celebrating with typical Gen Y hedonism: a night out with mates, a glass or five of wine, and exchanges that grow increasingly barbed as the night goes on. The conversation is blush-worthy (Cornetto-shaped appendages, anyone') […]


Edward Norton stars as Ray Tierney- a NYPD detective called by his father and chieftain, Francis (Jon Voight) to investigate a drug raid gone wrong that resulted in the deaths of four of their fellow officers. In the process, Ray discovers that his elder brother, Frannie (Noah Emmerich) and brother-in-law, Jimmy Egan (Colin Farrell) are […]


Along with promoting sustainability, Peats Ridge Sustainable Arts & Music Festival provides three days of non-stop music and performance in the Glenworth Valley, situated one hour north of Sydney. Committed to offering well-known and upcoming artists, this year's line-up is diverse and exceptional. Festival goers will be able to relax or dance by the river […]

Guns n Roses – Chinese Democracy

Chinese Democracy - Guns n Roses by Aidan Roberts As one music journalist has said, "the world will be a far less ridiculous and amusing place when this stupid album finally comes out." In a sense, that is true of this comeback album from Axl Rose and club, a truly Odessian 14 years in gestation, […]

The Millers Tale – Overland

Overland - The Millers Tale By Chris Peken Nostalgia Warning - the following contains medium level nostalgia. Those trooping around Sydney venues in the late Eighties and early Nineties will recall a number of excellent pop groups fronted by wonderful female voices - The Lighthouse Keeps, Martha's Vineyard, The Clouds to name but a few. […]

Nessa Morgan – Neska

Neska - Nessa Morgan By Chris Peken "Now pull my hair and spank my ass ...U Got me moaning got me groaning". "It's 2 am and I'm alone again / Sittin' by the telephone ...Talk derrty 2 me baby / Derrty derrty kinda thang". "I stay on my grind / Ladies listen up bad girls […]


BY LINDA DANIELE Earth Festival is a brand new multi-arts entertainment event designed to promote love of the natural environment. Music, movies, food and wine, performances, visual arts and dance are just some of the attractions in what promises to be an exhilirating day. Performing on the main festival stage will be Abby Dobson, The […]


BY AMELIA GROOM UK theatre duo Ridiculusmus have just finished their hilarious season of The Importance of Being Earnest at Belvoir St Theatre, in which the two of them, David Woods and Jon Haynes, played all nine of Wilde's characters. Next up is Tough Time, Nice Time, and Haynes says it's about as far away […]


BY SUNDAY FRANCIS-REISS The cast of Tender are no strangers to the new Australian play, having performed its debut together in 2007. Individually excellent, they make an outstanding ensemble and will draw audiences deep into the play's web of memory, grief, love and relationships. Michael is an 'alien' of a man, too pure to have […]


BY FATIMA MALIK At some point everyone has contemplated hopping on a plane, eschewing materialism and going off into a far-flung country for the greater good. Richard Bean's The God Botherers satrises the liberal tendency to idealise the developing world in an effort not to offend. The play follows Laura (Kimesia Hartz) an idealistic if […]