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About a week ago an elderly gentleman at the railway station in Katoomba (1040 metres above sea level) assured me there was nothing to worry about with the Corona virus at this elevation – that the bacteria could not survive over 1,000 metres. Rather than argue the point I suggested he keep that revelation very […]

Come To Daddy

Elijah Wood's latest film, Come To Daddy, is perhaps one of the hardest films to categorise in recent memory. The film opens with a simple premise, a son reunites with his estranged father in a remote house overlooking the water. Obviously, with estrangement comes a tension between Norval (Elijah Wood) and his father (Stephen McHattie). […]

Potts Point Businesses Surviving the Storm

With the coronavirus crisis and new government restrictions enforcing social distancing in place, businesses in Sydney are changing the way they do things. City Hub spoke to two Potts Point business owners about how they are reinventing themselves to weather the storm. Hamilton Kings, owner of Honkas, is teaming up with other businesses in a […]

Azure Ryder – Running With The Wolves

When the world is mired in uncertainty it is so uplifting to stumble upon a voice which immediately makes the hairs on the back of your neck prick up. Azure Ryder, a 23-year-old singer-songwriter from Sydney, did just that when we hit play on her debut EP, Running With The Wolves, this week. Ryder's voice […]

Use Me – Interview With Julian Shaw

By Mark Morellini Filmmaking may on the surface appear to be a glamorous and easily obtainable career, but realistically with the problems that plague the industry in Australia, developing a fulfilling livelihood in this field can be a long and daunting experience regardless of talent and perseverance. Julian Shaw is an ambitious filmmaker who has […]

Germany Bails Out Arts

In Sydney we've seen the arts and cultural sector of our city become one of the hardest his sectors following the COVID-19 outbreak. Many people employed in this sector are casual employees or self-employed individuals who rely on income from gig to gig in order to survive. Over the past few days we've seen the […]

Gin and ice-olation

Local distilleries, Archie Rose Distilling Co and Poor Toms, reallocate resources to produce much needed hand sanitiser in wake of COVID-19. Panic buying across Sydney has seen toilet paper, soap and hand sanitiser become incredibly rare over the past few weeks. Thankfully Sydney's local distilleries have noticed this need and are shifting their focus away […]

Opera Australia To Continue Paying Staff

One of the counties largest theatrical production companies, Opera Australia, makes a commitment to continue paying their workforce. With theatres across the city forced to shutter productions for the foreseeable future to help slow the spread of COVID-19, Opera Australia like many companies is faced with a loss of their primary income stream. The company […]

The Lockdown Survival Kit: Streaming Tips and Tricks

As Sydneysiders shift to a new working and learning from home reality we all need to wrap our heads around the concept of streaming. To help make this transition easier City Hub spoke with veteran streamer Cat Benstead about her top tips, tricks and the essentials of entering the streaming space. The biggest thing Benstead […]

The Lockdown Survival Kit: Role Play It!

We all play many roles in everyday life outside the home. Roles like boss, employee, client, football player, entertainer, farmer, librarian, waiter, travel agent and lots more. Many of us are now unable to play those roles in everyday life anymore as we are stuck inside trying to keep it all together. What to do? […]