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2020 Burn In Hell

By Sam Wade How the is it December already? Didn’t we start this shit awful year sometime last week, spent a good century in lockdown and now time has the sheer bloody audacity to tell us ‘yeah, nah it’s Christmas now. Jingle Jingle you fucks.’ I’m not into it. 2020 has been difficult and I […]


One of the more sociable activities absent during the current COVID-19 restrictions has been that much cherished pastime called dancing - no dancing in clubs and pubs, no dancing at weddings and no dancing at children’s dance schools. Admittedly there has been an explosion of TikTok boogie moves and Zoom party choreography, but nothing beats […]

Curtain Raisers

BY RIDA BABAR Theatre companies such as Old 505, Belvoir Theatre, and the Sydney Theatre Company are finally reopening and planning live shows for the remainder of the 2020 season. Easing government restrictions in NSW have been a breath of fresh air for the arts and entertainment industries. Old 505 theatre is holding A Murder […]