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Sydney’s Forgotten Indigenous History

By Mel Somerville. Indigenous culture is alive and well in Sydney, we’re seeing it thrive and cultural knowledge being shared in places like Centennial Parklands, art galleries and beaches. Centennial Park up until now hasn’t had an Aboriginal focus and most people don’t realise it was used historically as a traditional meeting area for the […]

Festival and Freedom Rides 50 years on

by Mariana Podesta-Diverio Sydney will welcome the new year with two Indigenous celebrations, the 13th annual Yabun music festival on Australia Day and a 50th anniversary reenactment of the Freedom Rides in February. January 26 (Australia Day or Survival/Invasion Day) has dramatically different implications for the Indigenous community of Australia than it does for people […]

Yabun Festival 2014

In the beginning it was almost too small to notice. Back in 1988 and amidst the froth and exuberance – some would say the excess - of the Bicentennial celebrations, a much smaller group of Aboriginal musicians played a concert in La Perouse. The original Survival Day concert was to be a humble counter-movement to […]