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ABC Television has produced yet another powerful feature-length telemovie based on true events, which will not only captivate and entertain audiences, but should also stimulate controversy and further encourage the acceptance of minority groups. Riot is set in Sydney between 1972 and 1978, in a time when homosexuality was considered criminal and vilified by the […]

Bad Blood

Vincent, a successful American author, and Carrie, his besotted girlfriend, seem like they have a perfect existence together. But when Vincent starts receiving strange phone calls and a private investigator comes calling, Carrie learns that his ex-wife was viciously murdered and he’s still under suspicion. Vincent’s character may not be what he seems… The premise […]

The Death & Life of Otto Bloom

The life of Otto Bloom (Xavier Samuel) is told, documentary style, through the eyes of those who knew him and were affected by him, most notably by his doctor, friend and lover, Ada (Rachel Ward/Matilda Brown). Bloom experiences life backwards and as a result draws his history from our future and is unmoved by events […]


The sequel to 2011’s A Few Best Men quintessentially demonstrates the extreme level of difficulty in maintaining freshness and hilarity in a comedy. The film follows the continuing misadventures of David (Xavier Samuel), Tom (Kris Marshall) and Graham (Kevin Bishop), as they attempt to transport the corpse of their friend Luke to London. Crudeness prevails as […]