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Operation Mincemeat

A fascinating WWII historical drama which details an elaborate deception named Operation Mincemeat, devised in 1943 and approved by Winston Churchill. The plan would hopefully fool Hitler into believing that British allied forces were going to strike Southern Europe through Greece instead of Sicily. The deception involved dropping a corpse with misleading papers off the […]

Town Hall hosts Ukraine Crisis Appeal Benefit

By SEJA AL ZAIDI Over 700 people gathered this week at Sydney Town Hall to support Ukraine at the Ukraine Crisis Appeal Benefit. The event was held to raise funds for the ongoing humanitarian and refugee crisis taking place in Ukraine, where the civilian death toll is climbing by the day since the Russian invasion […]

REVIEW: ‘Breaking The Code’ Of Alan Turing

REVIEWED BY IKI MINOGUE Set in World War II, British playwright Hugh Whitemore’s 1986 play, Breaking The Code jumps through the years to show us the different stages of Alan Turing’s life which helped form his character outside the great mathematician he is so well known for today. In recent times Turing has posthumously gained […]

Once My Mother

Once My Mother is a powerful and moving documentary produced by Australian filmmaker Sophia Turkiewicz, which explores the unspeakable hardships her mother, Helen, endured during the occupation of Poland in World War II. The adverse effects on their relationship are also detailed. Living on the streets at 13, Helen was unjustifiably jailed, survived prison camps in […]

Belle & Sebastian

Belle & Sebastian is a French family/drama set in the Snowy Alps during World War II. Sebastian (Fèlix Bossuet) is a 7-year-old who befriends Belle, a mountain dog villagers believe is “the beast” killing their sheep. Belle ultimately aids resistance fighters in guiding Jewish refugees over the Alps as German soldiers fast approach. Newcomer Bossuet delivers […]

New Indigenous artwork for Hyde Park

An Aboriginal artist whose family has over 80 years of combined military service will create a public artwork for Hyde Park to honour the sacrifices and bravery of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander service men and women. Tony Albert’s sculpture work will feature four seven-metre tall, oversized bullets among three large-scale fallen shells to represent […]

On the record: Waverley’s migrant history

Waverley Council will record the historical experiences of Jewish immigrants in Waverley after World War II. The initiative will document the stories of Jewish migrants and their descendants who initially settled in Waverley after their arrival in Sydney. Councillor Leon Goltsman said the initiative was developed to acknowledge the struggles of post-war Jewish families and […]