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Herds begin hoarding loo paper again

By ALEC SMART Toilet paper, dried foodstuffs and essential items are being hoarded again across NSW in anticipation of a ‘second wave’ of Covid-19 infections, despite there only being 5 new infections in the state’s population of 7.544 million during the past fortnight. Most of them were overseas travellers returning to Australia who are now […]

Town Hall Square plan hits another roadblock

By ALLISON HORE The City of Sydney will consider extending Woolworths’ lease on the central Sydney building that is home to their Town Hall flagship store. The lease was due to expire in 2030, but after a "very good offer" from Woolworths, the council was left with the decision whether or not to extend the […]

Town Hall Square still in limbo

by Allison Hore Despite being in the works for over two decades, Sydney’s proposed Town Hall Square is still in limbo, with a spokesperson for Sydney Council unable to provide any information about the starting or completion dates of the project. The Town Hall Square development is a key part of the City of Sydney’s […]

Anti-racism campaigners outnumber Anti-Ramadan protest

By Elliott Brennan Shoppers arriving at Marrickville Woolworths on Saturday morning (July 26) were confronted with road closures and scenes of protest in the place of the celebratory Ramadan signs they had been hanging in the store for most of June and July. Members of the Party for Freedom organised the rally in response to […]

Foreign workers earn less than minimum wage

Foreign workers on student and working holiday visas are paid below the minimum wage due to a lack of awareness and language difficulties, a City Hub investigation has found. Overseas workers receive $13 an hour and work up to 12 hours a day at a factory in Auburn supplying goods to Woolworths and Aldi. "I think […]