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New portrait gallery celebrates the people of Rose Bay

By DANIEL LO SURDO Portraits of local business owners have been installed across multiple locations in Rose Bay to celebrate the faces and stories behind the area. The exhibition, which will be on display until May 13, hopes to honour the people that bring the local commercial centre "to life" and have endured challenges during the […]

Woollahra Council to redevelop Double Bay car park into residential and entertainment space

By PATRICK MCKENZIE Woollahra Council has announced plans to redevelop the Cross Street car park in Double Bay into a complex that would house cinemas, retail shops and residential apartments. The design proposal, announced on Wednesday after discussion of the redevelopment at a council meeting last Monday, would see the public exhibition and community consultation […]

Eastern suburbs councillors reject New South Head cycleway obstacles

By ERIN MODARO A push at a Woollahra Council meeting to defer construction of a cycleway between Rose Bay and Double Bay has been rejected, with just two councillors voting in favour of the motion. Proposed at a meeting on March 28 by Liberal councillor Mary-Lou Jarvis, the motion requested that the construction on the […]

Woollahra Council announce $330,000 package for domestic violence victims

By DANIEL LO SURDO Woollahra Council announced a new support package for local victims of domestic violence this week, which will be used to maintain 10 transitional units to aid vulnerable women and their families for up to three years. The agreement between council and non-profit Women's Housing Company will provide $330,000 in funding and […]

City of Sydney to go ahead with Oxford Street planning after failed deferral motion

By SHARLOTTE THOU A motion that would defer planning proposals on Oxford Street until cultural and social consultation could be completed was rejected at a council meeting last month. Moved by City of Sydney Greens councillor Sylvie Ellsmore, the motion committed council to defer consideration of planning proposals or other changes until after the public […]

Anti-Racism strategy to be adopted in Inner West following sign removal stoush

By PATRICK MCKENZIE Inner West Council will develop an anti-racism strategy in consultation with local community groups as part of a motion that was unanimously approved earlier this month.  The motion, moved by councillor Mat Howard at a March council meeting acknowledges that "racism exists in all communities and that councils have a role and […]

NSW floods: Wild weather sweeps the inner city, eastern suburbs and inner west

By SEJA AL ZAIDI Severe weather events have impacted Sydneysiders across the inner city, eastern suburbs and inner west across the past two weeks.  Catastrophic flood waters are wreaking havoc across NSW, with severe flooding rapidly impacting Northern NSW, as well as the Central Coast and Hunter regions.  Recovery and clean-up efforts have begun taking […]

Waverley, Woollahra and Randwick councils to adopt 100 per cent renewable energy in $180m deal

By DANIEL LO SURDO Waverley, Randwick and Woollahra councils have all confirmed that they will be using 100 per cent renewable energy for their local facilities from July 1 this year, as part of a landmark $180 million, 25-council deal that was announced last week. The deal, which was brokered by the Southern Sydney Regional […]

Waverley residents offered subsidised compost bins and wormfarms, as FOGO measures roll on in neighbouring councils

By DANIEL LO SURDO Waverley Council has said that residents will be eligible for an 80 per cent price subsidy on compost bins and worm farms, in an effort to reduce the waste that is taken to landfill. The decision comes as part of a partnership with the neighbouring Randwick and Woollahra councils, which have […]

Woollahra, Waverley and Inner West councils all sign up to $180 million renewable energy deal

By DANIEL LO SURDO Twenty-five NSW councils, including Woollahra, Waverley, Randwick and Inner West Council, have agreed to a $180 million deal that will see electricity supplied to local facilities by three state-based solar farms, with 19 of the councils, including Woollahra, opting for 100 per cent renewable energy. The deal, which will commence this […]