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REVIEW: Thom Pain (Based On Nothing)

Will Eno’s one man monologue, performed online, live by Toby Schmitz combines comedy and the often grim realities of life. All throughout, Schmitz speaks directly to the camera, as though having a conversation. He uses metaphors to speak, which forces the audience to think about and listen to the ideas presented. He consistently switches between […]

Toby Schmitz Stars In Thom Pain (Based On Nothing)

Red Line Productions presents a world first live-streamed theatre season and a specially commissioned live concert event. Toby Schmitz, a multi-award winning Australian actor, is a master of the tragic and comic, making him ideal for Will Eno’s acclaimed one man show, Thom Pain (Based On Nothing). There will also be a specially commissioned live concert: […]

REVIEW: The Realistic Joneses

Director Julie Baz can be relied on to select interesting and provocative plays to stage at the Limelight Theatre in a wonderfully renovated building which used to house Martin’s Bar back in the day. This time she’s turned to playwright Will Eno, whose play The Realistic Joneses was named Best Play on Broadway by USA […]

Review – Thom Pain (Based on Nothing)

Julie Baz directs the energetic David Jeffrey in the one-man stream of consciousness monologue that is Thom Pain (based on nothing). Exploring existential ennui and the inner turmoil of the everyman, this tedious one-act play pays an unoriginal homage to Beckettian humour. Will Eno’s use of language is at times clever and richly vivid. It […]