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Food News – Xmas Tipples

When I want to drink Japanese whisky I head to Tokyo Bird. And this Surry Hills small bar is making it hard not to want to drink whisky on Tuesday 22 December with their inaugural Christmas Whisky Dinner ($135/person).

Bar Fly: Grain Bar

If you can't afford a room at the Four Seasons, spend the night at its swanky hotel bar that coolly juts off the side instead. While my date was no stranger to whisky, Grain Bar's comprehensive Scotch menu left me cross-eyed somewhere in between the Glenfarclas and the Glenfiddich.

Osaka Bar

Sydney has undergone a quiet Japanese revolution. Sushi trains have made way for izakayas, Japanese-style pubs where food accompanies drinking. Slick kushiyaki bars have appeared; and regional Japanese cuisine has landed.

Food News – Craft Spirit World

Craft spirits long predate hipsters, Emily Miles, is quick to point out in Craft Spirit World [RRP $39.95]; though our friends boasting “skinny jeans, statement tattoos, and a luxuriant beard” are certainly responsible for their recent resurgence in popularity.

Bar Fly: Tokyo Bird

I start to sweat when the barman suggests I choose a whisky for my date and I to start with. Sure, I might know my way around a house wine and a fruity cocktail, but when it comes to Japanese whiskies... I've got nothing.

Food News – Gifts

Chocolates and flowers are both nice gifts, but nothing says that you care quite like… pie! In keeping with my desire to buy local, artisan and stick to things that people need this season, Pie Society caught my eye.

Food News – Southern Highlands

f you're looking for something outside of Sydney to do this October Long Weekend, The Southern Highlands are happy to provide plenty of fodder.

Bar Fly: Pocket Bar

Karl Schlothauer reckons when he first opened Pocket Bar, he sold more crêpes than booze. Perhaps that’s because Pocket Bar, was one of the first small bars in Sydney.

Bar Fly: The Hide

Upstairs at The Hide, I just wanted to roll around on the floor in the animal skins and get all tactile. Instead, I settled for a bit of dancing on them.

Bar Fly: Bat Country

As a local, the Bar Bloke was keen. He had already done a daytime reconnaissance: “Perfectly cooked egg, crisp bacon, milk roll and good relish.”