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Webcasting comes to City of Sydney

BY CHRISTOPHER HARRIS It has taken years, but the City of Sydney has leaped into the 21st Century, according to one Councillor. The City voted on Monday night to a twelve month trial of webcasting the monthly council meeting, a practice which has been adopted around the world, but not at the City of Sydney, […]

City of Sydney officially rejects live streaming

The City of Sydney Council once again voted down a proposal to live stream council meetings on Monday, September 15. The meeting of council’s Corporate, Finance, Properties and Tenders Committee on September 8 resulted in the Committee recommending that council not proceed with live streaming of council meetings. The Committee cited a preliminary study that […]

News in brief

City of Sydney Council advised against live streaming A motion to live stream all City of Sydney Council meetings was voted down by a rescission motion on Monday, August 25. The motion was originally put to Council by Liberal Councillor Edward Mandla. It was passed on its initial hearing, but Deputy Lord Mayor Robyn Kemmis […]

City of Sydney repeals live streaming

The City of Sydney Council has repealed a decision to live stream council meetings to the public. This idea of “webcasting” would involve recordings of all council meetings being posted online for the benefit of those who are unable to attend meetings in person. The webcasting motion was proposed by Liberal Councillor Edward Mandla, who […]

City of Sydney accused of winding back community forums

By Edmund Kirkwood Allegations have arisen that City of Sydney has reduced the number of community forums held with the public. Yimmy Seifert, a member of the local interest group Ultimo Village Voice has claimed there has been no general community consultation for at least 12 months. Ms Seifert also said that there have been […]