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Wheels fall off bike rentals

By Alec Smart There are many benefits to the much-maligned brightly coloured rental bicycles strewn everywhere. They’re cheap, reliable, convenient and useful if you need to commute a short, relatively flat distance in an area where parking is limited and public transport expensive. They also reduce traffic congestion, encourage people to exercise and are a […]

Aussie Crawl to Bondi Beach

BY PAUL PAECH Now that the school holidays are over, driving around Sydney is back to its usual frustrating mess. Our State Government is ploughing billions of our money into private transport, and weirdly some cash into an on-call almost-free mini-bus service in the Shire, Manly and parts of Waverley/Woollahra (aka Woolverley). But what if […]

Amalgamation blues

BY JADE MORELLINI The festive season is meant to be a time of giving, but that’s not the case for the State Government, which has reneged on their promise to reimburse Waverley, Woollahra and Randwick District Councils of $1,068,996 for the merger preparation costs. On the 27th July, the NSW State Government announced all proposed […]

Making Waves in Waverley

BY ANITA SENARATNA   The Liberal Party’s reign in Waverley officially ended last Tuesday night as the council elected Labor councillor John Wakefield as Mayor and Greens councillor Dominic Wy Kanak as Deputy Mayor, signifying a new working relationship in which Labor and the Greens now hold a majority on Waverley Council.   Prior to […]

Liberals trounced in eastern elections

BY ANITA SENARATNA The eastern suburbs have been safe Liberal territory for years, but as the weekend’s council elections have shown, not even the most loyal voters can be taken for granted. The Liberals experienced a backlash from voters across the state, with noticeable swings towards Labor, Greens and independent candidates. The votes are still […]

All Betts are off for Waverley election

BY ANITA SENARATNA Liberal councillors, including current mayor Sally Betts, currently dominate the beachside council of Waverley. But the failed merger with neighbouring councils of Randwick and Woollahra and the controversial Bondi Pavilion upgrade could see the tides change for the Liberal Party at the upcoming local government election on September 9. The State Liberal […]

Pavilion redevelopment will push locals out

BY CHRISTOPHER HARRIS Prominent Bondi locals have taken to YouTube to protest Waverley Council’s redevelopment of Bondi Pavilion, saying it is commercializing vital community space. The videos include prominent locals including the Australian actor Michael Caton who said that the council’s plan was “freezing” locals out. “You sting the Bondi community $38 million to do […]

State of emergency: Waverley calls extraordinary meeting

BY CHRISTOPHER HARRIS An emergency Waverley Council meeting on Sunday ended with a man declaring “this is the start of a war on the Liberals,” as Council sat to speak on a report about the merger proposal between Waverley, Woollahra and Randwick councils. Dominic Wy Kanak said he positioned himself between the man, who looked […]

Waverley-Randwick merge on the nose, before it even begins

By CHRISTOPHER HARRIS The proposed ‘marriage’ of Waverley and Randwick councils is off to a rocky start, with neither of the two Liberal Mayors able to agree on where chambers could be located. The difference of opinion flared up at a Waverly Council meeting last Tuesday August 18. Waverley’s Civic Heart plan is a $60 […]

Waverley community rallies against high rise

By Callum Cyrus     Hundreds of rallying residents in Bondi Junction demanded a halt to proposed high-rise buildings in the district in a rally last Saturday May 16. Save West Bondi Junction, the organisers of the rally, estimated over 200 people gathered at Oxford Street in Bondi Junction to listen to speakers including Waverley […]