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Gou Sushi

Chef Chun Man Lau (Rio) makes a powerful case for fusion at this new Surry Hills sushi train, using methods he honed endearing Yukiguni to Cabramatta’s diverse locals. "We have to use the local ingredients - local fish or local ingredients - to make something new," says Rio.

ONE Tea Lounge & Grill

David Yip’s enthusiasm for what could broadly be termed stunt food is palpable. An ideas man, David is constantly thinking up new ways to make his dishes and cocktails fun. This is basically how I ended up with a rotating, dry ice billowing, Matcha Wheel ONE Tea Experience ($50/8 people) dominating my table for two.

Yayoi Japanese Teishoku Restaurant

There is a wonderful elegance to the brand new Yayoi Teishoku Japanese Restaurant, and it’s all about balance. Light wood panels divide up the space, surrounded by floor to ceiling windows, with iPads on every table.

678 Sydney Korean BBQ

Korean comedian Kang Ho-Dong greets you at the door in cardboard cutout form. He’s also a cartoon on the storybook menu, where his American chain is given a distinctly Aussie twist.


“If you have any questions, hit the call staff button – that’s like a dog whistle for me,” my affable waitress jokes as she leaves me to my own devices with a printed and an iPad menu.


After a shaky start, Haymarket’s ten million dollar player has found its feet. Over a MouTai Cocktail ($25) I muse, it’s a totally different restaurant to the one I first visited late last year for the launch and a subsequent dinner.