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Railing against all the disruption

BY ALEC SMART On Thursday 2 August, a public forum was held at Vivo Café on George Street in the city, for people adversely affected by Sydney’s light rail construction. Radio 2GB’s Alan Jones addressed the meeting, attended by over 100 business owners and residents who live and trade along the new CBD and South […]

Gutsy Challenge in the CBD

"Gastrointestinal cancer isn’t a cancer you can wrap up with a pink bow – there’s a lot of stigma attached to it and people don’t want to talk about it openly." So says Judy Honor, a member of the Australasian Gastrointestinal Trials Group (AGITG) Consumer Advisory Panel. But Ms Honor, a GI cancer survivor herself, […]

Business calls for greater voice at elections

Key business figures and councillors are calling for changes to the electoral roll, to ensure a greater voice for business in local government elections. In a situation unique to the Sydney LGA, businesses are allowed to vote in local government elections under the City of Sydney Act 1988 – however, the roll is wiped at the conclusion of […]