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Firth to focus on “moral core” after pre-selection victory

Verity Firth says she will work to restore the Labor Party’s “moral core” after she was pre-selected on Saturday, May 3 as the party’s candidate in the seat of Balmain for the 2015 state election. The pre-selection was also contested by current Leichhardt mayor Darcy Byrne. This was the second trial of the community pre-selection model, […]

Darcy Byrne promises party reform

By Xiaoran Shi In the lead-up to the Labor pre-selection for Balmain, Leichhardt Mayor Darcy Byrne is pledging to take a series of major reforms concerning the structure of the ALP to the next state conference in July. The proposal would see all upper house and senate candidates decided by a vote that includes all […]

On the trail with Verity Firth

Exclusive It was a stroke of rare serendipity. Walking along an Ultimo street, Verity Firth is telling me of the warm reception she has received from the community as she contests Labor’s community pre-selection for the electorate of Balmain. Non-Labor members have been switched-on and interested in what she has to say. And then, as […]

Balmain’s game of thrones

OPINION by James Morrow A fortnight ago Tony Abbott launched his full employment scheme for knights and dames, leading to paroxysms of hair-tearing, head-scratching, and cries of “anachronism!”. But really, was he that far off the mark? As modern and right-on as we consider ourselves to be in Sydney, our local politics has more in […]

Does this train stop at Balmain?

Verity Firth, former member for Balmain and a candidate in Labor’s community preselection for the seat, said she will consider supporting the light rail station under Gladstone Park that was rejected by Leichhardt Council. Ms Firth will meet with advocacy group EcoTransit Sydney on Friday to discuss the issue. She described herself as a fan […]