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Time to subscribe for The Old 505

The Old 505 Theatre, one of Sydney’s most unique and innovative performance spaces, is set to become a more established venue on the theatre goer’s radar with the introduction of their first subscription season. The subscription season was launched this week and will begin in January, with each season running for a period of six […]


Harlos Productions’ sixty-minute version of King Lear comprises key scenes from the play, joined by a narrator’s summary of events in-between. Created with just two players, this is a theatrical entity that focuses squarely on the art of performance and storytelling. In the hands of Gertraud Ingeborg and David Ritchie, it is clear that the art form in […]


This is bare bones theatre reliant squarely on performance, writing and direction. The fact that Fred works so successfully is a real testament to the talent and hard work that Lisa Chappell and Christopher Stollery have put into their craft. The show is relentlessly dark, but also extremely funny. It strikes a balance between the horrific and […]


The Twelfth Dawn is a compelling and contemporary fable inspired by the characters and images of the final book of Homer’s Iliad devised by Kerri Glasscock, Gareth Boylan and Michael Pigott. It follows an unexpected and life-altering series of events as an ordinary committed couple struggle with the devastating experience of the loss of a child. […]


Playwright Neil Labute is renowned for writing plays with edgy and unsettling portrayals of human relationships. Theatregoers should be riveted by Helter Skelter, an explosive premiere one act play presented by Turtle Lab. A young married couple expecting a child feel trapped in their relationship and desperately yearn for better lives. Infidelity amongst other issues […]


James Dalton Director of A Butcher of Distinction, sees tragedy as inherent to life, he says we don’t often know our families and “often it takes these tragedies to know them.” Recently orphaned twin brothers leave their rural life and enter the bleak metropolitan city of London. They seek refuge and answers in the basement […]