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THE NAKED CITY: Whatever Happened To Mid Week Music?

There’s much talk recently about making Sydney a 24-hour city, revitalising the night-time culture and asserting our role as one of the world’s leading cosmopolitan cities. The Olympics back in 2000 proved that this could be done, albeit driven by a unique one-off event and compacted into a period of only a few weeks. Nevertheless, […]

Kill the PM

With the extremism currently loose in the world, Kill the PM is a provocative title, but director James Dalton says writer Fregmonto Stokes’s aim was to immediately provoke the audience to a pro or con view of extreme action – which the play then explores. The title is 12 months old and Dalton says it’s […]

Sydney Fringe Festival 2014

With over 300 productions across 60 venues covering everything from theatre, music, comedy, cabaret, dance and visual art, the annual Sydney Fringe Festival promises to be better than ever. This year’s program showcases the quirky and alternative culture that Sydney’s arts scene has to offer. While occasionally the term ‘fringe’ may lend itself to images […]


Orphans is described as “a dark and gritty thriller” by lead actor Thomas Unger. The Dennis Kelly play explores violence in a low socioeconomic environment, and how humans relate in harsh urban settings. “When I was first given the script I couldn’t put it down; I just picked it up and read it from cover […]


The essence of human experience is about connection with others and taking chances. Theatre company Perosophia explore the concept of trying to find a way thorough the maze of relationship miscommunication in the Australian premiere of the Jon Fosse production Winter. Director Jonathan Wald says the relatable production focuses on a man and woman who […]

Caitlin Park

Never one to submit to popular trends, Sydney’s own folk genius Caitlin Park has followed her initiative to create sophomore release The Sleeper. “Conceptually the whole album is about time and the lightness and darkness of time,” Park explains. “You lose quite a lot of time when you’re asleep, but you could either think of […]

A Hunger Suite

Hypnotic and strange, A Hunger Suite, by Clockfire Theatre Company, is off the beaten track when it comes to traditional theatre. Inspired by the works of Kafka, artistic director Emily Ayoub says the piece is about two characters that exist in a circus universe - focusing on the 19th century world of ‘circus freaks’. “We […]

Naked City: Making the Best of Gridlock

Gridlock - it’s a word that instils fear and trauma into any peak hour motorist. It’s defined as "a state of severe road congestion arising when continuous queues of vehicles block an entire network of intersecting streets, bringing traffic in all directions to a complete standstill”. Whilst last week’s Barangaroo barbeque didn’t quite generate quintessential […]


For Hilt, a play about the toll urban living can take on individuals and relationships, there could be no better venue than the Old 505 Theatre. A converted warehouse space in Surry Hills, which provides a particularly intimate experience for both performers and audience. “I knew I wanted to do a show at 505,” says […]


Pianist and composer Aron Ottignon is heading to Sydney’s iconic jazz club Venue 505 to play music from his new album Dark Tunnels and his debut album Culture Tunnels. Ottignon, who is also co-writer of Stromae’s one hundred million views Youtube smash Papaoutai, has had his latest album described as “an explosive combination of live […]