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Arts & Animal Activism

By Rita Bratovich. Art is an inherent and integral part of a community. It enriches it. It helps build solidarity by allowing people to contribute and express themselves. It facilitates communication and enhances celebration. The animal rights movement began as a protest and has evolved into a sub-culture, enhanced by the creativity of its passionate […]

The Dandylion Bondi

You’ve got to wonder why it’s taken so long for a fully-fledged vegetarian restaurant to open in an old DVD store in Bondi. Lamenting the lack of options and the demise of movie rentals, co-owner Chitti Lardi, a vego who grew up in the Inner West, sought the perfect spot for a 100% vegetarian (with vegan options) diner.


With the exposed wooden beams and ventilation ducts that snake throughout the ceiling of this beautifully ambient Surry Hills mess hall, I find myself wondering whether or not I’ve ended up on the set of the next Justin Timberlake music video, rather than in Sydney’s culinary institution, Nomad.

Mum’s Table

“Pho is a beef noodle broth,” says Mylisa Nguyen (ex-LuMi Dining) emphatically, before continuing: “there’s nothing vegetarian in Vietnamese food.”

La Rosa

The main dining room of La Rosa feels like stumbling into a confessional, what with candelabras - complete with sooty stains on plastered walls - black screens with rosy cross cut-outs, and long velvet curtains, as richly red as a Roman priest’s cassock.

The Spice Cellar

While the somewhat lurid colours of this year’s Vivid painted this town, I slipped twenty feet underground to investigate this sunken cellar.