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Mouth Watering Vegan Burgers – SOUL BURGER

BY RIDA BABAR This all-vegan burger joint is the place to be for those who are plant based, or for those wanting to try something new! Randwick’s Soul Burger have been serving plant-based goodness since 2015, and were one of the first restaurants to make the switch to wholly vegan food. Since then, they have […]


A neon ‘Veganism is Magic’ sign literally lights up this place in zany pink. For those looking for good value, this little place on Kings Street is always packed and has lines out the doors most nights of the week. Golden Lotus does amazing Vietnamese food that is completely and 100% vegan. The eatery takes […]

Arts & Animal Activism

By Rita Bratovich. Art is an inherent and integral part of a community. It enriches it. It helps build solidarity by allowing people to contribute and express themselves. It facilitates communication and enhances celebration. The animal rights movement began as a protest and has evolved into a sub-culture, enhanced by the creativity of its passionate […]

Pana Chocolate

Raw, organic and vegan are three words that I tend to ignore in my day-to-day life, unless I’m at Pana Chocolate in Alexandria, where it’s literally impossible to do so. But why turn down an opportunity to broaden my horizons and satiate the appetite of my vegan best friend?

The Dandylion Bondi

You’ve got to wonder why it’s taken so long for a fully-fledged vegetarian restaurant to open in an old DVD store in Bondi. Lamenting the lack of options and the demise of movie rentals, co-owner Chitti Lardi, a vego who grew up in the Inner West, sought the perfect spot for a 100% vegetarian (with vegan options) diner.

Food News – Pana Chocolate

Say the words: Pana Chocolate, and most vegans start grinning. Those in the know say, it’s quite possibly the best vegan chocolate out there, and many list Cinnamon as a firm favourite.