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Sedition Festival

By Irina Dunn If you’re a child of the 70s, or you wish you were a child of the 70s, Sedition Festival has something interesting and exciting to offer you. Loaded with nostalgia, the festival offers a seditious range of 70s entertainment, from cabaret to concerts to art exhibitions to films and talks. Put together […]

Larry’s Odyssey

The team of Vashti Hughes and James Winter who brought us the hit production Mum’s In now have a new and larger than life character called Larry Olive who they are unleashing on the public ion the production of Larry’s Odyssey. Loosely based on Homer’s Odysses Larry is a pompous, egocentric, deluded, camp and slightly larger that […]

Demolition man

BY JOHN MOYLE Change brought about by urban development and renewal is inevitable and can lead to the revitalisation and repurposing of areas for the better. But when it is on the scale of what is currently happening across NSW, it is often detrimental to the locality, its heritage and the lives of the people […]


Kings Cross evokes many responses these days. Some will tell you the area is dead, killed off by the lockout laws and ever encroaching gentrification. Others have a more positive outlook and look to the precinct’s remarkable history as a blueprint for its resurrection. Somebody very much in the latter camp is curator Olivia Ansell […]