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OPINION: On common ground

BY PETER HEHIR And so it begins. Glad the Impaler has hit the airwaves, telling us all how successful she’s been at raiding the public pantry and flogging off the spoils. On the other side of the political divide, Jo Halen is busy telling her Summer Hill electorate just how much WestConnex is on the […]

Bay residents say plans are fishy

BY ALEX EUGENE The iconic Sydney Fish Markets will be relocated and receive a much-needed facelift starting in 2018, which the Berejiklian Government has proudly announced as a guaranteed attraction for "more tourists and locals". The old Fish Market site will become home to a new high-rise residential building, which could be three times the […]

Waterloo Social Housing tenants seek security

BY KENJI SATO AND CHRISTOPHER HARRIS Public housing tenants in the Redfern – Waterloo area have voiced fears that they could be forced to leave their neighbourhoods, according to City of Sydney Councillor Linda Scott. The Labor councillor told City Hub that she had been approached by public housing tenants, who had expressed fears that […]

Community’s confidence wavers over ATP sale

South Sydney residents have questioned the legitimacy of UrbanGrowth NSW’s consultation process over the Australian Technology Park (ATP) as it prepares to sell the site. The sale has continually come under fire from the local community and the City of Sydney. Late last month, UrbanGrowth announced that five corporations had been invited to tender for […]

ATP “should remain in public hands”

By Lauren O'Connor   Five corporations have been invited to tender for the Australian Technology Park (ATP) at Eveleigh UrbanGrowth NSW announced on Tuesday May 26, despite sustained opposition to the site's privatisation. A spokeswoman for Urban Growth NSW said in a statement this week that the tender campaign will open in June and will run […]

Petersham’s high-rise hell

By Tang Li Inner west residents are increasingly concerned that UrbanGrowth’s proposed high-rises will encroach on Petersham Park. Community backlash around the NSW Government’s proposal to build the WestConnex tunnel underneath Parramatta Road, has intensified. The proposal would remove approximately 80 houses in the area to build an entry and exit point from the tunnel […]

News in brief

By Nick Richardson Concerns build over UrbanGrowth Memorandum The City of Sydney has voted to sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with UrbanGrowth NSW in support of the NSW government plans to develop the inner city. The move makes UrbanGrowth NSW the primary agency for the development and renewal of inner Sydney, including the Central-Eveleigh […]