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Bays Community Coalition calls for transparency

By Kayla Canne Members of the Bays Community Coalition (BaCC) were unimpressed by the “one-off extravaganza” ‘Discovery Day’ held by UrbanGrowth NSW in the Bays Precinct last weekend, saying the event was more of an entertainment day than an opportunity for community input toward development in the Precinct. Teena Clerke of the BaCC said she […]

Central to Eveleigh corridor controversy resurfaces

Community group Redwatch has expressed concern about the future of heritage-listed buildings in the Redfern-Waterloo area. The group fears many heritage sites will be removed under the NSW Government’s Central to Eveleigh corridor development. Last week, an updated computer-generated simulation of the proposed Central to Eveleigh development was released. The simulation, also known as a […]

Backlash against Bays Precinct development unfolds

Resident groups and local politicians have criticised the NSW Government's Bays Precinct development announcement on the grounds it favours private development with little community input. On Thursday July 17th, two years since The Bays Precinct Taskforce released its Strategic Framework Report, NSW Premier Mike Baird and Planning Minister Pru Goward announced a 30-year strategy for […]