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Wansolwara: One Salt Water

In the pidgin dialect of the Solomon Islands, Wansolwara describes the concept of ‘one ocean, one people’, as an idea of a shared connection between the different communities of the Great Ocean. At UNSW Galleries, Fiji-born and Sydney based artist Shivanjani Lal’s works explores her history and identity as an Australian and Fijian. Her work […]

The Beehive

True crime stories are typically told through the film, television or book medium however the UNSW Galleries are currently playing host to an exhibition which tells a true crime story through art. The Beehive is an acclaimed video installation created by Zanny Begg and produced by Philippa Bateman in association with the Sydney Festival. The […]

REVIEW – EXIT: 360 Degree Artwork

As part of the 2017 Sydney Festival audiences have the chance to see a 360 degree art installation called Exit, which reflects the problems the world is facing today and the impact that climate change is having on the planet. The idea behind Exit came from the French philosopher Paul Virilio, who introduces you to the exhibition […]

Technology like that, Art like this– People Like Us

BY ALANNAH MAHER Contemporary art can often be rather ambiguous in nature. Indeed, much art exists purely “for arts sake”, but when it can be used as a medium to communicate, to explore and to push boundaries– it becomes something truly impactful. Currently showcasing at the UNSW Galleries, People Like Us is a varied and […]