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For tens of thousands of years, the indigenous peoples of this land looked after the native animals, seemingly without a man-made extinction. Come white settlement and all that changed in less than a few centuries. The First Fleet brought rabbits with them, homesick colonials introduced foxes and more recently we have seen the proliferation of […]

AntiSemitism rising in the east

By VANESSA LIM Last year the Executive Council of Australian Jewry reported that antisemitic incidents in Australia increased by 59% from 2017 to 2018, affecting the large Eastern Suburbs Jewish population. As the previous 2 years only had an increase of 10 percent, the unprecedented rise was alarming to Julie Nathan, the Research Director at […]

Short term rentals over-stay welcome

By Laura Neill “I thought of a way to make a few bucks…” started the email from San Francisco college student and Airbnb co-founder Joe Gebbia to his roommate Brian Chesky. The idea was simple: throw a few mattresses on the floor of their flat during the Design Conference, and charge $80 per head. Just […]

Nightmare in Randwick

BY JOHN MOYLE Scenes from ‘The Castle’ are being played out all across Sydney as the city undergoes an unprecedented development boom, but few expected that the nightmare would visit the quiet streets of Randwick in the way that it has. The ghostly apparition that descended on Randwick firstly took their homes, and then began […]

Combatting homelessness amongst LGBTIQ students

A new crisis accommodation initiative at the University of NSW has been implemented in order to combat homelessness amongst LGBTIQ students. UNSW queer officer Dylan Lloyd, who was a key advocate for the initiative, had to leave his home in the western suburbs as a result of facing an abusive situation after coming out. Mr […]