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The Silver Tunnel

Warwick Moss’ upcoming The Silver Tunnel is a whirlwind dark comedy thriller about Sydney’s oldest graveyard and the gloomy secrets it holds. With the entire play performed in a church, the play stars high profile actor Ric Herbert of The Rocky Horror Show and Underbelly, and a talented newcomer, Tim Matthews, who has credits in […]

Naked City: Last of the fleabags (R.I.P)

  You may have seen it in the Underbelly TV series, in which this notorious Darlinghurst Road hotel did an admirable job of playing itself. One newspaper reported it as being “a hotbed of drug crime, violence and prostitution”. This week another Kings Cross ‘institution’ looks set to disappear as the Astoria ‘budget’ hotel goes […]

Pulp is back

Pulp, the cult show of 2008, returns by popular demand for another big season from May 11. Directed by Bronte's Jenny Hope and Marko Mustac, Pulp is a comic foray into the dark world of crime fiction, with a big city detective, a classic femme fatale, and an array of corrupt millionaires, criminal masterminds and […]