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Australian performer and drag artist Trevor Ashley returns to the stage in a hilarious pantomime which will have theatre-goers literally rolling down the aisles in hysterical laughter. Ashley who plays the role of Rachel Marinade, a big and blousy diva who ‘isn’t very nice at all’, said the show is a hoot. Ashley explained that […]

Todd McKenney Sings Peter Allen

Todd Mckenney first saw Peter Allen perform when he was fifteen. Until then McKenney had never heard of him. After that concert, however, he bought every record Allen had made and was completely enthralled. Years later, after Allen’s death, McKenney had a chance encounter with Peter Allen’s sister and eventually formed a strong friendship with […]

Filling Education’s Creative Void

By Rita Bratovich. On a street corner in the quiet southern suburb of Carlton stands a vibrant blue building with a large comic style drawing of a mouth covering most of one wall. The converted shop is the home of Shopfront Theatre, a youth and emerging artists cooperative that has been a safe, supportive, nurturing […]

Diamonds Are For Trevor

Would the real Shirley Bassey (or Liza, Cher, Barbra, or Dusty) please stand up!? When Trevor Ashley is impersonating them, it’s very hard to tell. The gifted entertainer has been acclaimed worldwide for his almost supernaturally accurate imitations – no mean feat when you consider how many impersonators there are doing the same stock list […]

Mack and Mabel

The Hayes Theatre Company ends its 2016 season with Jerry Herman’s Mack and Mabel. Directed by Trevor Ashley (coming off the success of Heathers The Musical and Liza’s Back!), the Hayes’ Mack and Mabel will be Sydney’s first full professional production of the Tony Award nominated show. “The show itself comes beautifully off the page […]


“Irreverent, fabulous, ridiculous musical fun!” – the words Trevor Ashley uses to describe his latest foray into impersonating his greatest female icon. LIZA’S BACK! (IS BROKEN) sees Ashley reprising his iconic drag tribute to Liza Minnelli. There’s no doubting Minnelli is a true legend of Broadway, however Ashley feels she has had far too few […]

Heathers: The Musical

Move over, Regina George. The original Mean Girls are back in town. Teen angst gets a body count in this musical take on Heathers, the cult 80s black comedy film about the brainy and beautiful Veronica, who hustles her way into her high school’s cruellest clique and starts taking down the popular kids with the […]

RAINBOW ROOM – featuring Trevor Ashley & Gretel Killeen

Comedy, chaos, cabaret, and some real characters – you can expect it all as the Rainbow Room overtakes the Sydney Opera House for three exclusive nights as the unofficial festival club of the Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras. With four different shows dispersed over three evenings, audiences can pick and choose from a variable […]


No diva was safe from Trevor Ashley in latest show, Star Struck. From Liza Minnelli to Madonna, from Bette Midler to Beyonce and beyond, Ashley was over the top, kitsch and undisputedly gay. The highlight of the show was the portly drag queen channelling Whitney Houston, needing just one more puff of crack from a […]


Sparkles, spangles, sequins and a dazzling array of accoutrements light up the new Star Event Centre this August as the inimitable Trevor Ashley takes the stage. Star Struck, Ashley’s fabulous new piece features the outrageous drag performer channeling the great divas of the ages. Cher struts her stuff and sings the magnificent anthems which made […]