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Artists condemn ‘malicious’ government attack

Local artists have reacted with outrage at suggestions from the federal government that artists who reject corporate funding should not receive government funding. In reaction to the Biennale of Sydney’s decision to drop the Transfield Foundation as a sponsor, arts minister George Brandis sent a letter last week to the Australian Council for the Arts […]

Transfield out, artists back in

Artists have indicated they will return to the Biennale of Sydney now that it has dumped the Transfield Foundation as a sponsor. Conceptual artist Ahmed Ogut, who lives and works in the Netherlands, said he did not see any reason to continue boycotting the Biennale now that the contract has been severed. “I see this […]


Who controls art? Is it the artist, or the subject, or is it the manufacturer, the publisher, perhaps distributor? Or is it the sponsor, the Board and its director? In an open letter to the Biennale of Sydney (BOS) Board of Directors, 28 artists have declared their opposition to Government’s mandatory detention practices and Transfield Holdings […]

Detention centre profits sour Biennale

Artists, activists, and members of the public are calling for a boycott of the Sydney Biennale after the parent company of the art festival’s major sponsor announced it would be managing welfare services for overseas detention centres. The Biennale’s main sponsor is the Transfield Foundation, a joint philanthropic venture between Transfield Holdings and Transfield Services, […]