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The King is back in Baz Luhrmann’s Elvis

There are few people in history with a name more recognisable than Elvis Presley. Known as the king of rock & roll Elvis' revolutionised both music & the idea of modern celebrity during his lifetime. While his story is well known Baz Luhrmann's new film, simply titled Elvis, looks to give Elvis' story a new, […]


Never has there been more Australian interest in an American election than the current debacle, with saturation coverage across all media. Local elections come and go but none with the drama, madness and unbridled idiocy that’s currently unleashed in the US. What better time for us to cash in shamelessly on the situation and announce […]

Toy Story 4

After a gap of nine years, everyone’s favourite toys are ready to amaze us again on the big screen. Woody’s gang of misfits and naughty toys is back in action, and they sure pack a punch. Woody (Tom Hanks) leads the show, with a heavy supporting cast including Buzz Lightyear (Tim Allen) & Woody’s long-lost […]

The Post

Directed by Stephen Spielberg and starring Meryl Streep and Tom Hanks - it’s the stuff of Oscar nominations! And to be sure, it’s an elegant film with impeccable performances telling an historical story that is very relevant today. In short, it is utterly…adequate. In what could be considered a prequel to All The Presidents Men […]

Bridge of Spies

Bridge of Spies is gathering Oscar buzz, and it’s easy to see why. The drama is directed by Steven Spielberg, co-written by the Coen brothers, stars Tom Hanks and is based on a fascinating true story — all the elements are in place for a high-quality Spielberg winner, and Bridge of Spies delivers. Tom Hanks […]


Captain Phillips is the true story of the 2009 hijacking of US ship Maersk Alabama by Somali pirates, the first American cargo ship to be hijacked in 200 years. This incredibly fast-paced action thriller examines the desperate fight for survival and the heroic efforts of Captain Phillips (Tom Hanks) to save his ship and crew. Hanks […]