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In March of last year as the pandemic and lockdowns took hold, a café in Mareeba, North Queensland came up with the novel idea of customers paying for their coffee with rolls of toilet paper. The nationwide hoarding of bum fodder had seen the café itself run out of the prized item and the owners […]

Herds begin hoarding loo paper again

By ALEC SMART Toilet paper, dried foodstuffs and essential items are being hoarded again across NSW in anticipation of a ‘second wave’ of Covid-19 infections, despite there only being 5 new infections in the state’s population of 7.544 million during the past fortnight. Most of them were overseas travellers returning to Australia who are now […]

What To Do When You Need The Loo… And Have No Toilet Paper

Over the past month it has been nearly impossible to find toilet paper anywhere as a result of COVID-19 and the panic buying that ensued. Have you become a terrified victim of the toilet paper shortage? Are you tired of that sinking feeling of dread each time you turn your trolley into the toilet paper […]