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It Snows In Benidorm is a joyful & chaotic ride

Not quite a thriller, not quite a comedy, It Snows In Benidorm echoes the predictable storyline of a Brit finding enlightenment through adventure abroad, but with a droll unfolding of events that makes it something altogether different. Peter Riordan (Timothy Spall) is a mid-level bank manager in Manchester who subsists on habit (one potato and one […]

British Film Festival

British filmmakers produce some of the best cinema in the world, evident from this year’s alluring selection of 20 films screening at the British Film Festival. The festival opens with Military Wives, a film that centres on a lady (Kristin Scott Thomas) who forms a women’s choir in a military base while their husbands are […]

Early Man

Set in the prehistoric era, Early Man tells the story of the last tribe of cavemen as they are run out of their beautiful valley home and into the Badlands for the greedy Lord Nooth to mine for bronze. Young tribe member Dug and his furry sidekick, Hognob unite the tribe, challenging the Bronze Age […]

Finding Your Feet

Lady Sandra Abbott (Imelda Staunton) is a wealthy, pretentious wife who, on the night her husband celebrates his retirement, discovers he has been having an affair with her best friend. She flees their luxurious home to find solace with her diametrically opposed sister, Bif (Celia Imrie) who lives in a council flat in a seedy […]