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Drummer Queens

Welcome to the world of Drummer Queens as eight talented young women take to the stage playing drums and percussion in this very unique and incredibly entertaining sound and light spectacular. The art of drumming is creatively presented and should send shock waves consuming audiences as the theatre shakes profusely from this ‘joyous noise’. The […]


In James Galea’s BEST TRICK EVER, veteran Las Vegas showman and Melbourne International Comedy Festival performer James Galea presents a magical variety show that is equal parts dazzling and hilarious. Stepping into the Sydney Opera House’s intimate Studio space, audience members are met with a stage arranged to look like Galea’s lavish living room, featuring […]

REVIEW: Twelfth Night (Heads Or Tails)

If music be the food of love, you know this is heralding Shakespeare’s great comedy of cross dressing, cross purposes and slapstick comedy. At the beginning of this production, the first for Newtown’s New Theatre in 2021, the 12 actors toss a coin to see which of the two roles they have learned they will […]

REVIEW: Iphigenia In Splott

Iphigenia In Splott set a dark tone from the get-go, confronting the audience with the main character launching directly into a sarcastic monologue. The whole way through, Meg Clarke keeps audiences at the edge of their seats wondering whether they should laugh or cry. The minimalistic background and darkly lit stage provides a keen insight […]

Richard III

Of all Shakespeare’s villains, Richard III would have to be the most calculating, the most villainous, and yet the most beguiling, beating the infamous Iago hands down. This is why Jamie Collette, director/actor for the online theatre company Streamed Shakespeare, chose to present him to online viewers. Jamie said, “Richard of Gloucester is a nasty, […]

It’s SUSS – Live Stream Off the Leash

By Rida Babar With COVID-19 restrictions causing large events, including concerts to be on an uncertain standstill, major event planning company October Sun has come to a halt. The company’s Director, Ben Eadie, has started up a COVID-friendly project called Sydney Underground Streaming Sessions (SUSS) to keep the magic of concerts alive in an innovative […]

Belvoir Keeps ‘Artists At Work’

Due to ongoing social distancing measures nationwide, Belvoir Theatre, alike many other creative outlets, was forced to pause their productions indefinitely. Recently, they launched an initiative called Artists At Work to begin phasing in actors to get things back to normal. A spokesperson from the theatre company said, “We have had to reimagine how to be Belvoir.” […]

Virtual Murder Mystery

Red Herring Games virtual live event whodunnit can now come directly to your living room once you click accept on your Zoom invite. Managing director of Red Herring, Jo Smedly says “it’s the nicest thing is to see people joining the event from all around the world and meeting each other for the first time.” […]

Newtown’s Theatre Scene Amidst The Outbreak

Newtown is known as one of Sydney's creative epicentres, and as such the suburb has been one of the hardest hit by social distancing measures. To gather some insight into the mindset of Newtown's theatre community City Hub spoke with Old 505 Theatre Director Kerri Glasscock this week. "Over the last few weeks [the feeling […]

Gruesome Playground Injuries

The critically acclaimed play Gruesome Playground Injuries by Rajiv Joesph, will be available to stream on May 9 on YouTube through Red Line Productions. The play will be read by homegrown talents, Rose Byrne and Ewen Leslie. Red Line Productions in these uncertain times is proudly bringing the theatre to you.  Red Lines Artistic Director Andrew […]