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REVIEW: An American In Paris

Sydney, get ready to be entranced by An American In Paris, which was inspired by the 1951 motion picture starring legendary Gene Kelly. The full scale Broadway musical is now playing at the Theatre Royal The classic story is set during the liberation of Paris from the Nazis at the end of WWII and delves […]

REVIEW: ‘The Merry Wives Of Windsor’ at New Theatre

At first thought, placing Shakespeare’s The Merry Wives Of Windsor in 1980s suburban Australia seems unlikely to succeed. However, Victor Kalka’s tight direction, Cheryl Ward’s hilarious Sir John Falstaff, and a talented cast, pull it off – with great flair.   A simple backyard set (designed by Victor Kalka) complete with a Hills Hoist firmly […]

REVIEW: Wolfgang’s Magical Musical Circus – Madness, Mayhem And Mozart at Theatre Royal

BY RENEE LOU DALLOW The Theatre Royal is a cultural icon and is now the venue for another cultural icon, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.  Wolfgang’s Magical Musical Circus is culture for kids as well as being energetic, fun and remarkably easy on the eye. They say music soothes the savage beast and so it is with […]

REVIEW: Little Triangle’s ‘Isn’t It Queer?’ at PACT Theatre

Well, Sydney, here is a real treat for you! The Little Triangle is back – not with a tinkle but with a blingle. Little Triangle was formed in 2017 when Rose McClelland and Alexander Andrews got together to “present boutique productions that platform emerging and established musical theatre performers.” Their latest show, entitled Isn’t It […]

REVIEW: Breaking The Castle

There are no dazzling sets or colourful costumes in Breaking The Castle. No orchestrated music, large ensemble cast nor a Broadway spectacular high budget price tag. However, this one-man production may be the most significant theatre production that audiences are ever likely to experience. This is the brutally honest account of one man’s dependence and […]

REVIEW: STC presents ‘Blithe Spirit’ at Sydney Opera House

Noel Coward’s Blithe Spirit is the perfect choice of production to present to audiences starved of good old-fashioned FUN. Coward wrote the play in 1941, perhaps with the idea of taking the mind of the British public off the war. And perhaps this is why the play was chosen for Sydney audiences who had endured isolation […]

REVIEW: Stay Woke by Aran Thangaratnam at Darlinghurst Theatre

In Stay Woke, older brother Niv (Dushan Philips) invites his younger brother Sai (Kaivu Suvarna) to a chalet in the mountains for a skiing weekend in an attempt to heal past tensions between the Sri Lankan siblings. Niv’s non-binary partner Mae (Brooke Lee) is there with Niv, and Sai is bringing his new girlfriend Kate […]

REVIEW: Blood On The Wattle confronts climate change, the plight of refugees, and party politics

Geoff Sykes’ play Blood On The Wattle, which he also directs, is a three-hander with plenty to say about the big issues confronting Australia today - issues like climate change, the plight of refugees, and party politics. At the centre is Federal member for “Western Slopes”, Karl Matters, played with disturbing realism by Ken Welsh. […]

REVIEW: Sydney Theatre Company’s ‘White Pearl’ tackles racism & consumerism in the beauty industry

REVIEWED BY SHON HO A racist commercial for a skin whitening cream has been leaked online. It’s going viral and the Singaporean headquarters of the start-up Clearday Cosmetics is plunged into a state of chaos. Cue skyrocketing views on YouTube, global backlash and an increasing number of KFC buckets accumulating in the boardroom as the […]

REVIEW: ‘Lady Windermere’s Fan’ by Oscar Wilde at Genesian Theatre

The Genesian Theatre has always been pretty good at costume drama, and its current production, Oscar Wilde’s Lady Windermere’s Fan, is no exception. The young and, of course, beautiful heroine, played with great poise and charm by Aimee Honor, is turning 21, and a ball is to be held in her honour. She receives a […]