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Technicolor Life

The award-winning US play Technicolor Life by Jami Brandli follows a family who in spite of all the odds, come together through difficult times. Looking through a female perspective, Technicolor Life explores how the family manages when Billie, a female soldier returns from the Iraq war. The play depicts her struggles with re-entering civilian life […]

Review: Bare the Musical

Making its debut in 2000, Bare is a rock musical by Jon Hartmere Jr. and Damon Intrabartolo centred on the secret relationship between two gay high school students and the daily struggles they and their classmates face at their private Catholic boarding school. Much like Spring Awakening in the age of Skins (the original, grittier […]

Let’s Talk About You

There’s an unusual structure in gay love story Let’s Talk About You, with two actors representing the one woman. Making for some complicated psychology, there’s Ernestine A (Elaine Hudson) and Ernestine B (Anne Tenney). Dr Ernestine Brilliant is a cosmetic surgeon who is looking for change, unhappy with her private and professional life. She falls […]

The Days Are as Grass

The Days Are as Grass is the first non-musical work from multi award-winning writer Carol Hall (The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas). This Australian premiere at The Depot Theatre reveals a real working of the human spirit – surprising, unconventional, rye and very funny, at times poignant and very real. There are great tensions to be […]

Cristina in the Cupboard

Anyone who has had children can relate to what Cristina's parents are going through in Cristina in the Cupboard – their confusion as to why their daughter has retreated, as they try to get her to come out and face the world and interact with them. Cristina is in her early 20’s, she’s gone out and lived […]

Dirty People

Dirty People may speak some harsh truths to any Gen Y members sitting in the audience. It’s bad enough hearing our parents say we are self-centred, entitled narcissists with our noses pressed up to our phone screens 23 hours a day – but it stings even more when it’s coming from one of our own. […]


The Depot Theatre brings a long lost and taboo play back to life with it's upcoming production of Ghosts. “It was a highly religious world in Norway in 1881 when Henrik Ibsen wrote Ghosts, both the Catholic and Lutheran churches were very prominent," explained Emily McGowan, who plays housemaid Regina in the play. "The play couldn’t […]