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Spin: Election 2022 at Enmore Theatre

Charles Firth is one of three political wits behind Spin: Election 2022, in which The Chaser Digital and The Shovel present “a comedic masterclass on the upcoming election.” The other two wits are James Schloeffel, from the The Shovel, and the entertaining Mark Humphries (from the ABC’s 7:30). Schloeffel’s witty satirical journal, The Shovel, was born […]

Pell to Hell, killer decisions, drug pushers punished: News Bites – 28 Aug 2019

Bite-sized bulletins by ALEC SMART Pell fell back to Hell Disgraced Archbishop George Pell, who won’t be stripped of his titles by The Vatican until all his appeals are exhausted, has apparently decided he will appeal his sex abuse convictions in the High Court. On August 21, Victoria’s Court of Appeal upheld Pell’s December 2018 […]

The War On The F*#King Election

The Chaser’s Charles Firth and The Shovel’s James Schloeffel are here with a book, which is billed as “the most inaccurate guide to Election 2019,” and two Sydney shows at the end of a national tour. Why did Charles and James embark on this mammoth project?  Charles says, “Any election that pits the towering intellect […]

The Umpteenth Inaugural Annual Chaser Lecture

In many countries around the world, political satire is often a tool to combat oppression and to highlight the injustices done under a regime or dictator. Australian satirists The Chaser are hosting The Umpteenth Inaugural Annual Chaser Lecture for the third year running and this year’s guest will be the Venezuelan political satirists Elio Casale, Oswaldo […]

Get up, stand up

By Anthony Bell While Australia boasts some talented local performers, international acts often enjoy preferential treatment. Still, the Sydney arts scene, and those around the country, get by through the sheer determination of their professionals and the crowds who love them. Out of all these performers, the stand-up comedian is arguably among the toughest. They […]