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The Man. The Music. The Show.

Hugely talented, hugely popular Hugh Jackman is about to commence the Australian leg of his spectacular world tour of The Man. The Music. The Show. Featuring highlights from The Greatest Showman, Les Miserables, The Boy From Oz, and a selection of Broadway hits, the show is an amalgam of big Vegas-style extravaganza, intimate cabaret, musical theatre, […]

Todd McKenney Sings Peter Allen

Todd Mckenney first saw Peter Allen perform when he was fifteen. Until then McKenney had never heard of him. After that concert, however, he bought every record Allen had made and was completely enthralled. Years later, after Allen’s death, McKenney had a chance encounter with Peter Allen’s sister and eventually formed a strong friendship with […]

The Boy From Oz

Australia’s most successful musical makes its return to Sydney thanks to the city’s most enduring community-based musical theatre group – The Regals Musical Society presents The Boy From Oz. This musical is a tribute to the extraordinary life of the late Peter Allen, the boy from the outback with a talent for music and performance […]

Time Is A Traveller

David Harris’ parents had no connection with the theatre; his father worked in coal mines, but one of the greatest gifts they gave him was the freedom to make his own decisions. So, when architecture was abandoned for musical theatre, they were dismayed but let him follow his heart. Rather than choosing theatre, Harris feels […]