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The sight of large crowd numbers at the recent football grand finals in Sydney and Brisbane drew mixed reactions. Admittedly capacity was reduced to around half and COVID protocols observed, however, there was some concern to see so many people gathered together in such close proximity. On the other hand others welcomed it as a […]

Art Attack – All You Need Is Love

Next up a little cherub has shot an arrow Art Attack's way, with a special message attached. The message read ‘All You Need Is Love… is coming!’ After a little snooping Art Attack was able to decipher the message and learn that this message is referencing a special concert performance celebrating the mastery of The […]


Jack Malik (Himesh Patel) is a struggling singer-songwriter with mediocre talent and a near extinguished career. One night, while riding home on his bike he is hit by a bus. At the exact same moment, a solar flare causes a barely perceptible shift in reality. Malik wakes up to a world in which The Beatles […]


In the early days of Australian television during the late 1950s, Sydney had Desmond Tester, the Cabbage Quiz and Captain Fortune – Melbourne had the Tarax Show with Happy Hammond, Princess Panda and Gerry Gee. Of all the various early children’s favourites only one would ever achieve national celebrity at the time - and that […]

Beautiful: The Carole King Musical

Carole King is undoubtedly one of the greatest songwriters of all time. With a career beginning at just sixteen years old, she has written or co-written hits performed by the biggest pop artists spanning five decades including The Shirelles, The Beatles, Dusty Springfield, Aretha Franklin and The Monkees just to name a handful. Given the […]

The Cruisin’ Deuces

Listening to the music of The Cruisin' Deuces you would be hard pressed to guess that the members of the band were born and raised in the heartland of Sydney’s inner west. In just over two years the band have built a solid reputation for themselves within the emerging hipster subculture of this particular genre. […]

The Beatles: Eight Days a Week – The Touring Years

Ron Howard is a gifted storyteller and this is a terrific story to tell. This is the Beatles, not just the greatest musical force to hit the planet, but a global social phenomena. The post-war economic mire was over and the 60's were swinging. Beatlemania was the musical canvas. More a verbatim film than your standard […]

The White Album Concert

It was over five years ago that four of Australia’s most respected rockers joined forces to commemorate one historically stellar album. But ask Grinspoon frontman, Phil Jamieson, about his memories of that time and his answer draws a roaring laugh. “I’ll be perfectly honest I just kind of blagged my way through interviews because I […]


When The Beatles played a series of shows at the old Sydney Stadium at Rushcutters Bay back in 1964, you would have expected all of their dates to have been complete sell-outs – such was the publicity and fervour that surrounded their first and only Australian concert tour. The dilapidated venue, little more than a […]


Imagine a world without Lennon and McCartney? It’s not that easy, even if you try. It was the chance meeting of the century - at a church fete in Woolton, Liverpool – a meeting that spawned a 12-year songwriting partnership, changing the face of popular music forever. From the opening strains of I Saw Her […]