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Casey Donovan

In 2004, a sixteen-year-old girl named Casey Donovan became the youngest person to win Australian Idol.  It’s been a milestone 10 years since then and for Donovan it’s an opportunity to reflect back on a decade worth of experience. “There are so many memories. Winning would be one of the biggest ones, going on tour […]

The Strides Play Fela Kuti – The Spirit of Afro-Beat!

Sydney just cannot get enough of legendary musician and African political activist Fela Kuti. From a visit from his son Seun and the Egypt 80 earlier in the year, to the Sydney Film Festival documentary Finding Fela and beyond, Kuti’s legacy will be further acknowledged by Sydney roots ruckus, The Strides. “Using music as a […]


It’s hard to believe, but it’s been 21 years since Frente (famously described by Inpress magazine as rhyming with “heaven-sent-eh!”) burst onto the music scene with their debut, Marvin The Album. The record has sold over a million copies since it was first released, and now its re-release and subsequent tour promises to introduce a […]

Naked City: Soul Rebels make the brass band hip!

  Think of a brass band in Australia and you will more than likely conjure up images of the Salvation Army or a raucous, slightly out of tune, high school outfit. Think of the same in New Orleans and there’s a tradition that goes back decades and forms an integral part of the city’s social […]

Hat Fitz and Cara: Fighting Fit

Sounds of clinking cutlery, crockery, children’s voices and ultimately, minor chaos can mean only one thing. Dinnertime. A sound that is music to the ears of Irish blues musician Cara Robinson after a near-fatal car accident left her struggling with the everyday activities most take for granted. “I couldn’t do a lot of things you […]


The word ‘legendary’ is thrown around far too casually these days but when it comes to Renée Geyer, it fits nicely. Four decades in the music industry both here and overseas, ARIA hall of fame inductee and a killer back catalogue – she’s done it all. But it’s ‘that’ voice which gets fans. ‘That’ voice […]


“It’s funny, I feel like I have reached my goal,” muses Bobby Alu, the ringleader of a band of Gold Coast rootsy-radicals. “The fact that the album is done and now it’s available is great because now we can tour it.” Hailing from a musically solo existence, Bobby Alu has grown into a collection of […]


Some can be guilty of pigeonholing blues music, scared to leave their comfort zone, but that’s something that can’t be accused of Canadian-born blues-rocker Wolf Mail. “Doing blues music, you get a lot of people that are constantly saying ‘blues is supposed to be a 1 4 5 progression, it’s supposed to sound like John […]


This year Justine Clarke has been dividing time between motherhood, book writing and countless other opportunities, but this night will be all about the music for the Aussie performer. In a set that will make history as their first performance with a special guest, The Pinks take the stage with a slight twist in their […]


Nine mates, an array of influences and one earthy sound, this is what encapsulates Kooyeh. It’s a scenario that only seems to be found in fiction, yet these guys have been working consistently over this year to not only solidify their sound, but their bond with each other. “I think it's definitely made our sound […]