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Whether it’s Big Brother, The Voice, The Bachelor, Australia’s Got Talent or Survivor, we live in the age of the globally franchised television show. If it works in Denmark, Bulgaria and the USA then our local TV networks are keen to capitalise on a home grown version. That’s the familiar and horribly predictable modus operandi […]


There was a time during the early days of television, when receivers had just come on the market, that people gathered in front of department store windows to ogle at the new technology. When TV arrived in Australia, the often notoriously unreliable cathode ray sets were at first very expensive and only the better heeled […]

Art Attack – City Calm Down

Earlier this week Melbourne band City Calm Down announced that following their upcoming Television tour they will be taking an indefinite hiatus. As such their show at Manning Bar tomorrow night now takes on even more siginificance for Sydney fans. Luckily for readers of this column Art Attack has been given a double to give […]

Have you been paying attention? Ten’s in turmoil

BY ALEX EUGENE It may be business as usual on our tellies, but speculation continues to build around the financial woes of Channel 10. The shocking announcement that the national broadcaster would no longer be backed by billionaires Lachlan Murdoch and Bruce Gordon came just over a week ago. With whopping debts and a reported […]

Victory at Sea – death and mayhem on Sunday afternoon TV

Our next door neighbours were the first people in Edgar Street, Strathfield to own a television set. I remember being invited in to look at the latest miracle of modern technology probably late in 1956 or early '57. Their set was housed in an impressive piece of joinery and it had little doors on the […]

Stepping up to the mic

By Shami Sivasubramanian Bondi boy Dan Ilic, best known from Radio National’s A Rational Fear, is set to feature in SBS2’s upcoming comedy show, Stand Up @ Bella Union. Having lived in Bondi for the past two years, Ilic’s latest venture will lead him southward, to Melbourne. Set in the historic Bella Union Trades Hall, […]

Uttering their final word

Death might be one of life's only certainties but it remains something of a taboo topic in polite society. A new documentary film screening on ABC2 aims to take the discussion of death out of the shadows. Screening as part of the channel’s Opening Shot series of documentaries produced by young Australians, The Final Word […]