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Factfulness, the ground-breaking book described by Bill Gates as “one of the most important books I’ve ever read,” challenges reader’s views and notions on the state of the world, and encourages them to look past their biases and see everything more “factfully.” An instant New York Times best-seller, Factfulness is written by Swedish physician, academic, data […]

Ted 2

Ted (Seth MacFarlane) and his thunder buddy John (Mark Wahlberg) are back in Ted 2, the sequel to MacFarlane’s 2012 comedy about a foul-mouthed teddy bear who came to life. Ted has married his Brooklyn babe, Tami-Lynn (Jessica Barth), and they decide to have a baby to save their relationship. But before Ted can become […]

A Million Ways To Die In The West

Albert (Seth MacFarlane) hates living in the old west. It’s 1882 and just about everything can kill you. His girlfriend (Amanda Seyfried) dumps him for the local moustachery owner (Neil Patrick Harris), his parents hate him and he is just the worst sheep farmer ever. Enter Anna (Charlize Theron), a mysterious stranger with a shady […]