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Taylor Swift – Evermore

​In her second surprise album of the year, Taylor Swift continues to show off her folksy side while blessing fans with even more cottagecore. ​As the sequel to Folklore, Evermore demonstrates how far Swift has come since her career began by showcasing her maturity as a storyteller. ​Far past her days as a bright-eyed starlet, Swift dedicates […]

Caitlyn Shadbolt – Stages

In the face of adversity rising star Caitlyn Shadbolt is continuing to chase her dreams with her second album, Stages. Throughout the 11 track offering Shadbolt delivers incredibly catch songs which build upon her country music roots. For this record Shadbolt injects a pop edge to her sound, which echoes Taylor Swift - another young […]

Tony Mott – What A Life!

Tony Mott is a legendary figure in the music photography world thanks to his iconic snaps which have captured everyone including The Rolling Stones, Midnight Oil, Chrissy Amphlett, The Divinyls, U2, Rihanna and Taylor Swift.  City Hub spoke with Mott last week about the drastically different world for photographers now and some of his favourite […]

Soccer Mommy

Now that Christmas has passed it’s likely that many children throughout Sydney received their first musical instrument as a gift. For some of them that gift could be the start of something truely special, as it was for singer-songwriter Sophie Allison (better known as Soccer Mommy). Allison’s earliest memories revolve around the excitement of listening […]