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Debby Doesn’t Do It For Free

June sees the arrival of a bold new exhibition at Darlinghurst’s TAP Gallery, revealing a rarely seen side of sex work. Debby Doesn’t Do It For Free comprises eye-opening works from an intergenerational collective of 26 sex worker artists, male and female, all telling their stories with art. Participating artist Deep-Dish Debby* says: “Between us, […]

News in brief

Tapping community support The Darlinghurst operators of the famous TAP Gallery have reached out to their loyal community in the face of pressure from the City of Sydney. City Hub reported last week that the City of Sydney had forced the gallery to stop using their upstairs space as a theatre following zoning issues. The […]

TAP Gallery ordered to stop operating as a theatre

The City of Sydney has told the operators of Darlinghurst-based community arts centre the TAP Gallery that they are no longer permitted to use the space as a theatre. The closure has forced the cancellation of an upcoming benefit for  the Bobby Goldsmith Foundation. This revelation comes after an inspection by the City of Sydney […]

Playing Rock Hudson

Rock Hudson was the famous All-American ladies' man, a popular actor, a closeted homosexual and the first celebrity to die of AIDS in 1985. Writer and director Cameron Lukey explores the contradictions, controversy and uncertainty of Hudson during the final years of his life in the dramatic production Playing Rock Hudson. The narrative is based […]

Out of Fear

Out of Fear is a new play, a psychological drama, touching on the sensitive issue of men’s mental health. Mental ‘unwellness’ is not specific to men, it’s just that when things go awry the damage can be profound. Travers is a good guy who does something terrible. He wakes on a dirt track in the […]

Black Rainbow

When faced with making a decision can one ever really know what is right or wrong? Kathy Petrakis explores the human moral code through the dark underworld of Sydney – homelessness, drugs, and violence – in her dark and realistic production, Black Rainbow. The story follows the double life of teenage boy Ahmed Khoury as […]

Life drawing in the winter crowd

It may be cold outside, but Marrickville is warming things up this winter with a bohemian blend of art, gypsy rhythms and nudity at popular watering hole, Camelot Lounge. On any given Wednesday, an eclectic assembly of up to 40 artists can be found huddled in the downstairs Django Bar for Gypsy Art Club, a […]

My Name Is Truda Vitz

How do we tell the stories of those who came before us? Our family, our loved ones? Olivia Satchell explores how we use stories to create meaning about our loved ones through her one-woman show, My Name Is Truda Vitz. Focusing on her own family history, Satchell tells the story of her grandmother, Truda, escaping […]


Amanda (Amylea Griffi) is under arrest for something she’s really not sure of with only the unwitting help of her two arresting officers (Paul Armstrong and Elizabeth MacGregor) to help her figure it all out while she’s locked up. This is the starting point of the new play Amanda by multi-award-winning writer and director Mark […]

Something To Be Done

Something to be Done is “one man searching for inspiration in a world that’s deteriorating of its artistic roots,” explains creator and performer Gabriel McCarthy - and it’s all done with no words. Growing up watching the works of great physical comedians like Charlie Chaplin and Rowan Atkinson, McCarthy embraces the challenge of physical theatre. […]