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Play Taiko

Virtually every culture includes some form of percussive instrument as part of their musical identity. Rhythm itself is one of our most primal instincts: it mirrors our heartbeat, pulse, breathing. When you beat a drum, even for the first time, it feels intuitive, as if you’ve triggered the cell in your brain that preserves ancient […]

Chieko Kojima & Taikoz: The Beauty of 8

The Beauty of 8 centres around a special guest from Japan, Chieko Kojima, the world famous Taiko drummer; highlighting her particular skills and gifts, both as a dancer and traditional musician. “It’s a good chance to go really deep into Chieko’s particular artistry and to bring what she does and what we do together," explained […]


Chi Udaka combines the themes of earth (Chi) and water (Udaka) to form the basis of this Sydney Festival collaboration between TaikOz and Lingalayam. It was conceived, composed and choreographed by TaikOz co-founders Ian Cleworth, Riley Lee and Lingalayam artistic director Anandavalli who were inspired by the forces of nature. TaikOz blends traditional Japanese drumming […]

Can you feel the beat? It’s ridgey didge

What do you get when you cross a didgeridoo with a trombone? A didgeribone, of course. And it will be in action with its inventor, Charlie McMahon, at the Earthbeat world music festival on Sunday in Leichhardt’s Pioneers Memorial Park. The festival, which began in 2011, is now a biannual event as part of the […]


Following on from TaikOz’s evocative production last year (Shifting Sand) comes a spectacular new collaboration called TaikoDeck with prominent Melbourne DJ and producer Max Royce-Hampton. “We are always looking for new connections and collaborations,” says long-standing TaikOz cast member Anton Lock. “TaikoDeck is about respecting tradition but finding our own Australian voice and accent. At […]