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The Art Of Peace

War devastates absolutely. It leaves carnage and rubble amongst which lie shattered remnants of dignity and identity. Citizens become refugees, defined by what war has done to them and forgotten for who they really are. They escape with the meagre things they can carry - clothing, mementos. It is only when they reassemble in another […]

Sydney rallies to welcome refugees

BY RYAN QUINN Over a thousand people rallied Sydney CBD streets over the weekend to support the current global refugee crisis. At least four different protest groups joined together at Sydney Town Hall, with the same overarching message: racism is bad, welcoming refugees is good. Refugee Action Coalition Sydney and its supporters surrounded the town […]

If you see something, say something

You've gotta feel a bit sorry for Syrian President Bashar Hafez al-Assad. If you're an Arab ruler it's hard to ever do the right thing by the Yanks, unless, like the Saudi monarchs, you still have significant reserves of oil. The story goes that the secular authoritarian ruler ran an awful regime. His terrible security […]

Never reinforce a failure

It's come to this: Iraq is falling apart in a sectarian insurgency launched by the same nut-job Sunni fundamentalists trying to overthrow Assad's Syrian regime – the very same guys the United States helped to foster in its haste to get rid of Assad. Talk about an own goal. So now the line-up now is, […]

A Photographic Eye to World of Refugees

   Refugees, fleeing the ravages of World War 2, wave aboard the ships which carried them to safety. A young Syrian girl sits in a classroom of empty desks, dreaming of a better future. These are just two photos from two separate photographic exhibitions featuring refugees around the world which will be opening in Sydney […]

What the doctors ordered

The bright, sunny office overlooking Glebe Point Rd doesn’t exactly bring to mind the bloody conflicts of the world – but as the Australian headquarters of Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF), it’s an engine room of one of the world’s biggest providers of medical humanitarian aid. Since 1971, MSF (known in English as ‘Doctors Without Borders’) […]

Syria: Help lift the humanitarian blockade

Paul McPhun is the Executive Director of Médecins Sans Frontières, an independent international organisation dedicated to medical humanitarian aid. Julie Bishop, Australia’s new Foreign Minister faced perhaps the most important first week on the job of any previous incumbent for a generation. Ms Bishop has travelled to New York to participate in United Nations Security […]

Tony Abbott: the morning after the night before

Around about election day I must have caught a possum fever that was going around. Listlessness, a sore throat and aching joints overcame me. It was difficult to concentrate. The simplest of tasks seemed too hard to start. I put a message on the phones, retired to bed and dozed off into a shallow, fitful, […]