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We found Chippendale before it was ‘discovered’

Sydneysider: A personal journey My wife Ruth and I moved into 77 Rose Street Chippendale sometime in late 1968 or early ‘69. It was the first time we’d rented an entire house. We thought moving into a real terrace house was just the duck’s guts. It’s a very old, cheaply-built terrace, quite possibly dating from […]

The last time I saw Don Johnstone

Sydneysider: A personal journey I was a permanent seasonal ranger with the National Parks and Wildlife Service at the historic Quarantine Station on North Head in June 1985 when there was a big stranding of false killer whales at Crowdy Head. The senior ranger came looking for a volunteer to accompany ranger Keiran Murphy on […]

The night I fondled the detective sergeant’s piece

Sydneysider: A personal journey Back in the late 1980s and early 90s there was a big trend toward native gardens. Sydneysiders were trying to get away from water-hungry landscaping featuring exotic plants. There was, however, a dark side to this otherwise laudable trend, and this was the fashion for strewing ‘bushrock’ around gardens. Bushrock was […]

The day of the dead ranger

Sydneysider: A personal journey Some days begin strangely and just get weirder. Probably the weirdest I ever experienced was sometime in ‘85. At the time I was working as a ‘seasonal ranger’ – a sort of glorified National Parks and Wildlife Service tour guide – at the Quarantine Station historic site on North Head. The […]