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Sydney after dark: Open for business

By ALLISON HORE The City of Sydney council voted unanimously to approve a plan which would allow shops and businesses in the city to stay open until 10pm, without needing further approval. Under a suite of changes aimed to revitalise the city’s struggling economy, existing shops and businesses in the City of Sydney local government […]

Sydney ‘round the clock

By John Moyle Imagine a Sydney that never sleeps, where the cover of darkness is banished, the streets are alive until the sun comes up - a Sydney as vibrant as Berlin, Amsterdam, London or New York. In the aforementioned cities 24-hour cafes, supermarkets, gyms, cinemas and clubs give residents and visitors a freedom from […]

Tale of two cities

by Erika Echternach Of course it’s always great to get free drinks, but it’s less thrilling when those free drinks are from the venue’s owner in an attempt to entice you to invite more of your friends to fill his empty club, as was the case the last time I went out in Sydney. While […]

Living dead in Green Square

By Rickie Hardiman More than 10,000 people have recently given the City of Sydney their feedback on where and when they would like to see late-night trading take place. There was strong support for trading hours across the city to increase more late-night trading areas in growing precincts like Green Square and more diverse late-night […]