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Rediscovering a hidden figure of Sydney: The Witch of King’s Cross

By RACHEL CLARK Witchcraft and the bohemian alternative lifestyle have grown in popularity in recent years, especially on social media. Online wicca and bohemian influencers have turned the lifestyle into a fashion statement, one that is widely celebrated rather than feared. But in Sydney, there is one woman who started it all - the Witch […]

Multimillion dollar upgrades for National Art School

By ALLISON HORE The National Art School in Darlinghurst is set for a multi-million dollar upgrade thanks to the NSW government’s funding pool to revitalise the state’s arts and cultural venues. “I am delighted to announce the NSW Government’s commitment of over $18 million for critical maintenance and upgrades to make the site safer and […]

A sweet tribute to Rosebery’s history

By ALLISON HORE The City of Sydney has put forward a proposal to name two areas of Rosebery after some of Australia’s favourite lollies. Under the proposal, a new park and a green link located in Sweetacres will be named Allsorts Park and Honeykiss Park, two sweets created at the former James Stedman-Henderson Sweets factory. […]