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Curtain Raisers

BY RIDA BABAR Theatre companies such as Old 505, Belvoir Theatre, and the Sydney Theatre Company are finally reopening and planning live shows for the remainder of the 2020 season. Easing government restrictions in NSW have been a breath of fresh air for the arts and entertainment industries. Old 505 theatre is holding A Murder […]

Sydney Fringe Will Go Ahead in 2020

In a month overrun by event cancellations it's incredibly exciting to get a piece of good news. This week New South Wales' largest independent arts festival, Sydney Fringe Festival, has confirmed the event will go ahead in 2020, although later than normal. "The creative sector has registered a loss of more than $200 million in […]

The Greatest Magic Show

Bringing their quest to uncover the greatest magic show on earth to Sydney audiences for the very first time, comic magicians Sam Hume and Justin Williams present their newest family magic production – The Greatest Magic Show. With special guest and ringmaster Brendon Kerss also joining in on the fun, the show is set to […]

Party Snake

The art of drag, a niche form of self-expression previously limited to the fringes, has exploded into the mainstream in a big way. There are many hidden stories to this art form, and an electrifying new one-queen show promises to allow its audience a glimpse into the raw, glamorous and raucous life of a drag […]

Creative space hard to find

By Laura Neill ‘Out-of-date and ludicrous’ red tape is strangling Sydney’s creative sectors, according to a new report authored by Sydney Fringe Festival (SFF) director and chief executive Kerri Glasscock. Titled ‘An Anthology of Space’, the report proposes solutions to overcome the financial and regulatory restrictions hindering artists from utilizing industrial and retail spaces. “If […]


By Mark Morellini With Sydney Fringe Festival in full swing now, festival-attendees may browse through the programme and ask, “so much talent…but who are these performers? Are they fully employed within the entertainment industry or just doing a one-off show for this festival alone?” Meet James Hartley and Tommy Green who star in the comedy sketch […]

Laughing With Those On The Fringe

As the Sydney Fringe Festival continues to grow and evolve it still has one main focus which is to ‘highlight, amplify and promote the work of local Sydney artists to the world.’ The Sydney Fringe is the perfect conduit to highlight Sydney’s unique artistic voice because the city’s creative scene is ‘brave, new, imaginative, challenging […]

Estelle Astaire’s Woes And Wares

The one-woman show, Estelle Astaire’s Woes And Wares will be showing at the Blood Moon Theatre this Winter.  Written, directed, produced and performed by Bianca Seminara, the dark comedy will reveal the consequences of a co-dependent and emotionally challenging mother-daughter relationship under the appearance of a fun, old-fashioned Tupperware party.  Creator, Bianca Seminara said, “Estelle […]

The Things I Could Never Tell Steven

The new Australian musical The Things I Could Never Tell Stephen is showing for a limited season as part of the 2017 Sydney Fringe Festival exploring betrayal, fear and frustration. The show is full of comic delight, following the interaction of Stephen’s mother, father, ex-partner and wife as they unveil one of his secrets which […]

What I’ll Never Say

Often reality and truth are stranger than fiction, especially when it comes to the world of politics. So it was only fitting for Stuart Englund to draw upon his decade embedded within the political world for his new Sydney Fringe Festival performance What I’ll Never Say. Stuart Englund has spent the last 10 years consulting with almost […]