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Why You Shouldn’t Call Comedian Anthony Locascio A ‘Wog’

BY ANTHONY LOCASCIO A slightly more experienced comedian once advised me to never use the word ‘wog’ in my act. Apparently the word “doesn’t really exist anymore.” I was a few months into performing, desperate for any kind of laugh, and leaning on a couple of easy, stereotype jokes. I have since figured out that […]

REVIEW: Michelle Brasier – Average Bear

The last thing I anticipated from a comedy show was to leave intears, to bawl my whole manipulated being out across the street from the Factory Theatre, where Michelle Brasier had just exposed her soul in the nicest possible way. I should have calcified my heart the moment when she and co-creator Tim Lancaster her […]

REVIEW: Sydney Comedy Festival Gala

The opening night gala of the Sydney Comedy Festival at the State Theatre was a glimpse of the coming run of the festival, offering a dozen or so introductions to the many comedians and acts to be featured across Sydney-wide venues until May 16. The guests were in the fine hands of most capable host Randy […]

Effie – Hello, Good Thanks, Better Out Than In

Effie Stephanidis (Maria Coustas) is one of our most loved comedians. The star of Wogs Out Of Work and Acropolis Now is returning to the stage with a show that reflects on the times in which we live and actually brings out the funny side. Is there a funny side in these dark times? Well if we […]

Schapelle, Schapelle – The Musical

Schapelle, Schapelle - The Musical? Yes you read that right. Somebody finally put the infamy surrounding Schapelle Corby’s story to music and all one has to do is hear the double barrelled title to shake with anticipation. Really though, this show is fictionalised and has much to do with the media frenzy that swallowed up […]

Sydney Comedy Festival Cancelled

Sydney's comedy scene was dealt another severe blow late yesterday, March 18, when the Sydney Comedy Festival announced their cancellation for 2020. Originally set to take place between April 20 and May 17 the annual festival was a major highlight on the city's comedy calendar. The 2020 iteration was set to welcome comedians such as, […]

Jay Pharoah

On his debut Australian tour, Saturday Night Live alumni, stand-up comedian, actor, rapper and impressionist Jay Pharoah will be heading to Sydney’s Factory Theatre as part of the Sydney Comedy Festival. Bringing his brand new show with him, Jay Pharoah’s stand-up performances are set to take the comedy festival by storm. After six huge seasons as […]


In a world where a reborn nationalism is very much to the forefront throughout the political landscape, the recent election of a TV comic in Ukraine probably came as no surprise. That Volodymyr Zelensky won by a landslide, with 73% of the vote, says a lot for the average voter’s disillusionment with modern-day politics and […]

Nina Oyama Needs A Lift

Nina Oyama has received 13 driving offences since getting her P’s. She’s also mucked around throughout her uni degree, but only in her mid-20s. She has starred in ABC’s award-winning show Utopia and has held a regular spot on Tonightly With Tom Ballard. This comedy season, Nina will be bringing her new solo stand-up show […]

Language Of Laughter

With the Sydney Comedy Festival now underway City Hub spoke with Scottish comedian Danny Bhoy and festival director Jorge Menidis about comedy’s ability to bridge both language and cultural divides. Danny Bhoy has been touring Australia since 2003, which was before the Sydney Comedy Festival even existed. Through the years though he has developed quite […]