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Removing Al Fresco red-tape a “game changer” for hospitality businesses

By ALLISON HORE Social distancing in some of Sydney’s small inner-city cafes, restaurants and bars is almost impossible, that is, unless the seats take to the street. Last year, to allow inner-city hospitality businesses to remain open, while facilitating social distancing, the City of Sydney launched an outdoor dining scheme which saw al fresco permit […]

Sydney after dark: Open for business

By ALLISON HORE The City of Sydney council voted unanimously to approve a plan which would allow shops and businesses in the city to stay open until 10pm, without needing further approval. Under a suite of changes aimed to revitalise the city’s struggling economy, existing shops and businesses in the City of Sydney local government […]

The long road to Sydney’s economic recovery

By ALLISON HORE With COVID-19 hitting the city’s economy hard there is a long road ahead to economic recovery.  On Thursday it was announced that Australia had officially entered a recession for the first time in three decades. The country’s economy went backwards for two consecutive quarters, the commonly accepted definition of a recession.  This […]

Late nights out

BY JOHN MOYLE Late nights out in Sydney are just about to get a bit later thanks to the City of Sydney’s Late Night Trading Development Control Plan. Produced in response to more than 10,000 submissions from businesses, residents and visitors, the new plans will extend trading hours for cafes, shops and bars across a […]

Late night opening insomnia

By Andrew Woodhouse “ZZZ… ZZZ …” “Andrew! Wake up!’ “What? It’s 3:00 am!” “But it’s time to go shopping “Are you mad?  This is silly.” This scenario could be coming to you if the City of Sydney Council has its way. It has approved a trial of ultra-late shopping hours after a survey was recently […]

Short term rentals over-stay welcome

By Laura Neill “I thought of a way to make a few bucks…” started the email from San Francisco college student and Airbnb co-founder Joe Gebbia to his roommate Brian Chesky. The idea was simple: throw a few mattresses on the floor of their flat during the Design Conference, and charge $80 per head. Just […]

Kid Kyoto

Modelled on the izakaya bars in Japan, Kid Kyoto is a relaxed, after work bar and restaurant, with an inconspicuous laneway entrance and grungy vibe. It has a neo-industrial interior with bare concrete walls, bright red exposed pipes along the ceiling, earthy colours and subdued lighting. You can sit and eat at either of the […]

New cycleway opens to compensate for College St

BY CHRISTOPHER HARRIS It lost $5 million when the NSW Government decided to rip up the College St cycleway in the CBD, but that didn’t deter the City of Sydney from paying for another separated route for cyclists traversing the city. Last Monday, the City of Sydney opened another cycleway along Castlereagh Street South and […]

Free Wi-Fi coming to Sydney

By Kayla Canne Sydneysiders can soon expect free Wi-Fi stations across the city after a motion was unanimously passed by the City of Sydney Council last week. Councillor Jenny Green, a member of Clover Moore’s team, introduced the motion requesting council partner with the NSW government to investigate and explore programs to install free Wi-Fi […]

O’Farrell shuts down Sydney

The NSW government’s package of liquor regulation has met with strong criticism from operators, drinkers and freedom advocates. Premier Barry O’Farrell announced on Tuesday that 1.30am lockouts and 3am “last drinks” will be imposed on most venues in Sydney’s CBD. In a statewide crackdown, bottle shops will also be forced to close at 10pm. In […]