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Gold-plated pissoirs

SKETCH Half a million dollars for a toilet? Well, not quite. But there was momentary confusion at Monday’s council meeting over whether the City of Sydney was poised to approve $500,000 in expenditure on pop-up urinals. The ‘public toilet strategy’ will investigate the permanent installation of retractable urinals in party-zones such as Kings Cross, which […]

Barriers to night economy diversity

Efforts to transform Sydney’s late-night economy face structural barriers in the form of transport options, critical mass and penalty rates, the City of Sydney’s business and safety manager Suzie Matthews says. The City’s “OPEN Sydney” action plan is the result of extensive consultation beginning in 2011 and aims to diversify Sydney’s night-time entertainment options beyond […]

Turn off the booze tap: City

“Can [people] do things other than drink, at midnight in this city?” The important question was posed not by angry residents, grieving parents or exasperated observers, but by the City of Sydney’s own business and safety manager, Suzie Matthews. And if the answer is ‘not really’, that’s something Ms Matthews is trying to change. The […]

Fewer assaults but new solutions needed

The City of Sydney’s manager of business and safety, Suzie Matthews, says interventions to stop alcohol-related violence are working, although it is difficult to establish which ones. There are growing calls for more action to be taken against Kings Cross drunks and licensed venues after another young man was punched in the nightclub district on […]